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In this section you find news on recent and upcoming Deep Listening Training events and developments. 

Participants on our courses

If you have followed our five-day Level 1 Deep Listening Training Intensive you can login here for access to recordings of guided practices used in that course.

ACDLT® Deep Listening Trainers

ACDLT® Deep Listening Trainers can login here for access to more resources, including recordings of guided practices and training materials. 

Appreciation and thanks

Nothing arises independently especially not a training in communication. Deep Listening Training came out of an invitation from Mary Moore. Its growth in West Cork, Ireland and its development into an international training is the result of the care, love, belief and commitment of a large number of people.

We would like to thank the following people for their support and contributions over the years.

Our Participants

First a big thank you to everyone who came on all our courses, and who showed us the value of this training.  You stayed with us for an intensive and transforming five days and then some of you even came back again for more, bringing your friends and family with you. You bring heart to this work and give it its powerful life force.

Friends and Supporters

A particular warm heart thanks to the following people who have given much time, love and energy into this project and who are our greatest supporters. Without these people’s help and faith in Deep Listening, it would never have become the international training that it is today. Many people have helped with this project over the years and the following people deserve a special mention.


Alvina Cassidy who believed in Deep Listening from the beginning

Nicki Beshoff

John Douglas

Bernie Jeffrey


Jens Pingel

Angela Bork-Krahmer

The Netherlands

Gert Roos

Sara van Stempvoort

Anne Heynen

Rianne Maille

Mariette Hamaker

Ron Sjollema

Chantal Bergers

Annie Birken

Carel Braak

Harriët Messing


Vicky Lindsay

Sonya Frearson

Joseph Oliver

Kevin Baker 

Giles Oliver


Dvora Raicher


Patxi del Campo

Museum of Deep Listening

A museum enables people to explore specific collections, artistic and cultural, for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. A museum will collect artefacts and specimens demonstrating the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity. We seek to convey your sense of the special nature and importance of Deep Listening Training though images, poetry and writings. One such is the following poem by Mary Branley.

 Beyond Words

Yes, I listen to whatever makes you talk
or stop what you are doing. 

I listen in my silent heart 
to the gaps in sound

as you breathe out 
and before you reach  

for breath again. 
Sometimes the only place 

we can agree 
is beyond words.

Extract from a poem written after attending Deep Listening Training in Ireland.
© 2009 Mary Branley  

We are creating a museum of Deep Listening. Please send us any thoughts, short writings, poems, images or photos about your Deep Listening experiences to Kevin at email:

Certificated ACDLT® Trainers

Our warm congratulations to the following 13 Deep Listening Trainers trainers, a baker’s dozen, who have become our first Certificated ACDLT® Trainers after completing Parts 1&2 of the ACDLT Training for Trainers:

Anne Heynen

Chantal Bergers 

Jens Pingel

Lili van Rhijn

Simone van den Hil

Annie Birken 

Gert Roos

John Douglas

Mariette Hamaker

Carel Braak

Harriët Messing

Jolijn de Graaff

Rianne Maille

We are delighted that they are now part of a team of people taking Deep Listening Training courses and workshops out into the world and wish them well with every step that they take!

Dairy Yard Centre, new space for training in UK

A new training and meditation centre has been opened in the UK to host ACDLT® Deep Listening Training and complementary disciplines including meditation and Chi Kung sessions. It is located in Dairy Yard, Angel Court, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. It has excellent communications to other parts of Europe. It is one hour by train to St Pancras, Eurostar and one hour from Luton Airport via train.

ACDLT® Deep Listening Training for Trainers

In 2017 we began offering courses for Deep Listening Trainers to enable them to deliver Awareness Centred Deep Listening, ACDLT®. Authorised trainers will offer courses in the ACDLT® curriculum in various countries including Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland and Spain. Deep Listening Training sessions have been offered in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht in the Netherlands; in Cork, Ireland; in Berlin, Germany: in Bir, India; in Sweden; London and in Kathmandu, Nepal. Please contact us at, if you would like a trainer to offer a one-day session near you.

Deep Listening Training comes to Spain, December 2017

Travelling through the snow in northern Spain to Vitoria-Gasteiz in Basque Country, in freezing temperatures in December 2017 to begin a 4-day Deep Listening Training in Basque Country was an unforgettable experience. Hosted by AgrupeArte, MAP Musica Arte y Proceso, a music therapy institution under the guidance of its director Patxi Del Campo, this training was attended by 20 people. This first full Deep Listening Training in Spain was a joyful experience filled with intense learning, laughter and music. And we have been invited back again this year in December 2018. See under Courses on this website for more details about this upcoming event.

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